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Finally a way to silence alarms in the middle of the night. Instantly silence alarms that are going off; instantly locate which alarm is false alarming. Allows the occupants to deal with false alarms – instantly and easily. Silence alarms by simply pressing one button on the wall.

A 240v powered Smoke Alarm Controller that connects with Red 240v smoke alarms. One wall mounted switch with three functions – test, locate and silence. You can instantly silence alarms that are going off and instantly locate which alarm is false alarming. In any property with interconnected smoke alarms – the Controller provides an effective, quick and simple way to silence the alarms. With rental properties in Queensland now requiring interconnected alarms – no property should have their smoke alarms upgraded without including the Smoke Alarm Controller. This provides tenants a simple way to silence alarms, reduces maintenance call-outs and limits damage to the smoke alarms by the tenants.


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220 – 240V AC

Function Available

– Test Alarms
– Hush / Silence Alarms
– Locate Triggered Alarm

Control Type

Test Button
Locate Button
Silence Button

Interconnectable Devices

Up To 40 Hard-Wired Alarms

Compatible Devices

R240 (Combined with R240ACB)
R240RC (Combined with R240ACB)

Operating Distance


Local Signal

Red LED (pairing with alarms)
– 1 Red LED Every 1sec. (Detected Tiggered Alarm)
– 1 Yellow LED Every 10sec. (Low Battery)

Type of Installation


Product Dimensions

75mm (L) x 116mm (W) x 30mm (H)

Mounting Options

Wall Mount
Surface Mount


10 Years

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